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"You were a pleasure to work with on planning. Everyone should be so professional."


We want to make planning as simple and easy as possible!


If you still have questions after going through our FAQs, message us on our Contact page.

  • How do your musicians dress?
    Our dress code for most events is formal —in concert black, or black and white, unless you request something different.
  • Who will my main contact be?
    My name is Sue deJesus, and I will be your main contact throughout the wedding planning process. Not only am I the owner/manager, but I am also the Flutist for Lyrical Images Duo!
  • Do you play outdoors?
    Yes we do, but within conditions. Our concerns surround the safety of our instruments. The harp must be in the shade, with absolutely NO precipitation. Temperatures cannot be below 55° F.
  • Why are your prices not posted on your website?
    Every event is different. The price quote depends on the total number of musicians hired, length of performance, and distance musicians need to travel.
  • What type of events do you play for?
    We play for any kind of event that you want music for. Weddings, Cocktail hour, receptions, Christmas parties, birthday parties, anniversary gatherings, dinners, galas, and even funerals are typical for us.
  • Do we need to meet in person?
    It is not necessary to meet in person. All details can by addressed by email or by phone.
  • How do I get a quote?
    Please visit our Contact Us page, and we will respond with a quote and answer any questions you might have.
  • Is it necessary for the musicians to attend the wedding rehearsal?
    It is not necessary for us to attend the rehearsal. We are experts at timing the music. We fit the music selected to the time it takes everyone to get into place. For an extra fee, Sue deJesus, our Flutist and booking agent, can come to the beginning of your rehearsal to meet everyone and answer any questions, determine the best location for the Duo, and provide any assistance needed. We usually arrive early enough before the prelude to discuss final details or changes with the officiant and/or wedding coordinator.
  • What do you require to perform?
    Two armless chairs are requested and a place to park close to the ceremony location.
  • Do you take special song requests?
    Yes we do! We only ask that you submit the piano score to the song you want well in advance of your event, then our harpist will determine if it is suitable to make an arrangement for the Flute, Harp, and/or Cello. If there are more than two special music requests, we will charge a reasonable fee for the time it will take for writing the arrangement.
  • How do your prices compare with others in the industry?
    We are proud to announce that our prices have stayed virtually unchanged for the last several years. Our goal is to keep the cost affordable for you while providing you the highest quality.
  • What do the fees include?
    The fees include assistance in planning music selections, all music before, during and immediately after the wedding ceremony, set-up and take-down time, and all communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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